The 30-Year-Old Metal Container Finally Abandoned

2019-10-25 11:23:26  |   |   Social | 397   
    Marine Meloyan from the town of Spitak was 27 when she lost her husband, one of her children, and was left homeless as a consequence of the earthquake in

The “SunChild” 9th International Environmental Festival kicked off with support of VivaCell-MTS and World Vision Armenia

2019-10-24 13:57:49  | Armenia  |   Press release | 314   
The 9th “SunChild” International Environmental Festival press conference revealed details about various exciting events within the framework of the festival program. The speakers at the press conference were VivaCell-MTS

The Tekeyan Trust London celebrates its 40th anniversary in London

2019-10-24 12:29:29  |   |   Social | 369   
The Tekeyan Trust London (TTL) is committed to preserving the Armenian national identity in the Diaspora. It contributes to the advancement of the Armenian literature, history, music and art,

“My Martuni” contest rounded up at VivaCell-MTS’s reopened service center

2019-10-23 13:55:36  |   |   Social | 405   
    VivaCell-MTS has reopened its service center in the town of Martuni, Gegharquniq region, at a new location. It will now welcome visitors at Myasnikyan 29, from Monday till Friday

Harut Sassounian. Trump Surrenders to Erdogan’s Demands:The Tail Wags the Dog

2019-10-23 09:58:43  | USA  |   Articles and Analyses | 282   
Anytime Pres. Trump talks to another head of state on the phone, we can expect a disastrous outcome. Trump does not realize the consequences of his decisions on the

The India-Armenia Pharmaceutical Business Forum-Exhibition to be held in Yerevan

2019-10-22 19:43:53  | Armenia  |   Press release | 316   
  Yerevan, 18 October, Embassy of India: The Embassy of India in Armenia and Indian Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL-Pharmaceuticals Export Promoution Council), supported by the Indian Ministry of Commerce

«Armath» sums up the IT Week achievements

2019-10-22 14:27:25  | Armenia  |   Press release | 299   
The Armath engineering laboratories pavilion was always crowded during the days of DigiTec 2019 technological exhibition held at Yerevan Expo Center on October 6-9. The visitors, local and international

Events Dedicated to Komitas’ 150th Anniversary: “Aurora” Forum was Summed up in Tatev

2019-10-22 10:53:48  | Armenia  |   Press release | 307   
  On October 21 tourists, “Aurora” forum guests and inhabitants of the neighboring communities took part in spiritual, educational and cultural festivities held in Tatev monastery complex.   The eventful week of

16.5% increase in passenger flow, as compared to September 2018

2019-10-21 12:29:10  | Armenia  |   Press release | 288   
    In September of the current year the two airports of the Republic of Armenia served 324,755 people in total, thus exceeding the indicator of the same month of 2018

A Declassified Top Secret CIA Report On the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

2019-10-20 07:22:56  | USA  |   A comment | 852   
By Harut Sassounian Publisher, The California Courier A 48-page Central Intelligence Agency Top Secret Report, prepared in August 1988 and made public in 2012 with some deletions, is titled “Unrest in

Bako Sahakyan was present at the pomegranate festival held in the town of Martouni

2019-10-19 12:25:43  |   |   Social | 286   
On 19 October Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan was present at the pomegranate festival held in the town of Martouni. President Sahakyan walked along the pavilions, got introduced with the

Creative Armenia-ն հայտարարում է 2,000 ԱՄՆ դոլար գլխավոր մրցանակով մարտահրավեր սցենարիստների համար

The First Page screenwriting challenge is now open
2019-10-19 11:39:27  | Armenia  |   Press release | 234   
    Creative Armenia is delighted to announce a new creative challenge for screenwriters, powered by Ucom. The $2,000 top prize will go to the screenwriter who can write the most

Ucom Launched “Quality Smartphones for Everyone” Offer

2019-10-18 16:34:42  | Armenia  |   Organizations | 370   
    This October, within the frames of “Quality Smartphones for Everyone” offer Ucom suggests purchasing Samsung Galaxy A10s and Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphones. Moreover, when purchasing the Xiaomi Mi A3

VivaCell-MTS granted awards to the winning teams of the Hackathon of the Digital UAV Forum 2019

2019-10-18 14:43:14  | Armenia  |   Social | 393   
    Digital UAV International Forum 2019, the first in its kind event on artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles in Armenia, kick-started. The forum is organized by National Polytechnic University

A housing problem of another family to be solved in Paravaqar village

Home being built on border to make the village prosperous
2019-10-17 16:31:54  |   |   Social | 329   
    Like other border villages of Tavush region, Paravakar has also been subjected to shootings frequently. There are buildings in the village damaged by enemy shootings or half-built houses the

Solving human-bear conflict in Vayots Dzor, Armenia" project is the only one from Armenia, which has passed the final stage of the competition announced by EOCA.

2019-10-17 16:24:56  | Armenia  |   Press release | 250   
  "Solving human-bear conflict in Vayots Dzor, Armenia" project, which will contribute to the resolution of the "human-bear" conflict in Vayots Dzor. It is well known that, because of the

New stamp features 2018 Aurora Prize Laureate Kyaw Hla Aung

2019-10-16 16:31:40  | Armenia  |   Social | 335   
    October 16, 2019 – A special ceremony dedicated to the cancellation of a new international postage stamp by HayPost, featuring 2018 Aurora Prize Laureate Kyaw Hla Aung, was held

Bako Sahakyan receives OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and their accompanying officials

2019-10-16 10:51:06  |   |   Press release | 296   
On 16 October Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan received OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs Igor Popov (Russian Federation), Stephane Visconti (France) and Andrew Schofer (USA), personal representative of the OSCE

Harut Sassounian. A Declassified Top Secret CIA Report On the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

2019-10-16 09:58:48  | USA  |   Articles and Analyses | 394   
A 48-page Central Intelligence Agency Top Secret Report, prepared in August 1988 and made public in 2012 with some deletions, is titled “Unrest in the Caucasus and the Challenge

The Forum is thankful to its generous supporters: Yerevan Brandy Company, Armenia TV Company and The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel

2019-10-15 10:26:27  | Armenia  |   Press release | 315   
October 15, 2019 – Yerevan, Armenia – The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and organizing partners of the inaugural Aurora Forum are pleased to announce that the Yerevan Brandy Company, Armenia

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