Never give up or despair, but persevere and win on the path of success: Ralph Yirikian

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VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian hosted at the Company’s HQ the students of YSU Faculty of Geography and Geology as well as the students of Marketing and Business Faculties of the Armenia State University of Economics. The topic of the meeting was the development of necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in business.
The students expressed major interest in stories of success of VivaCell-MTS as a leading company and of Mr. Ralph Yirikian as a successful business executive. During the lecture, the students had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with solutions for overcoming obstacles in business and to learn management skills based on concrete examples.
This kind of meetings help future businesspeople and economists perceive
more objectively the ways of applying the necessary instruments of company management to achieve their goals. Similar exchange of experience allows better understanding on the ways of using theoretical skills gained at the university in real life situations.
VivaCell-MTS General Manager noted that on the path of success one must be willing to overcome the existing hardships and never rebound.
“You may not agree with me, but we have to be grateful to the fate for not living in “comfort zone”. The difficulties of life solidify our will and determination, give power to overcome doubts and bring us invaluable knowledge. Those who always stay in the “comfort zone” never face with difficulties, never face a need to solve major problems with limited resources and, therefore, never learn. The hardships force us to think and search for ways. Recalling my past I don’t think that being a teenager or a young man with wide material opportunities would be in my advantage in the long run, for that would eventually result in failure. A person who has developed a skill, has gained knowledge, has learned lessons by one’s own mistakes, will never fail. And, actually,
the only assets we get in life are the knowledge and the skills, and the spiritual values. Seek to be, not just to have,” Ralph Yirikian said.
The meeting was followed by an interactive conversation between the students and Ralph Yirikian. The businessman has responded with pleasure to the students’ questions, and at the end expressed a willingness to meet again or to host them at the central office of VivaCell-MTS.
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