Armenian Genocide 100th Anniversary

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Last year the whole world was anxiously following the fates of the passengers of two Malaysian airline planes and then grieved over the death of 537 passengers. In several countries three-days mourning was announced. The plane crash is a difficult blow, when all the passengers are the citizens of the same country. Imagine the state of your country when for continuous
8 years every day you have 4 air crashes full with passengers. For continuous 8 years. In total, for about one and half million victims. The 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire took the lives of one and half million people. It was not an air crash, not a population suffered in war and killed soldiers, but a peaceful population, Christian Armenians executed purposefully, fall by sword, burned in churches, drowned, Armenians who were killed by the state, because of being Armenians. Like when ten years later during the Holocaust, the Jews were targeted, whose hangmen were inspired by the non-punishability of Armenian Genocide. The Genocide is a crime and not victim with respect to the nation, but towards the whole humanity. The primary way of Genocide crime prevention is the availability of effective responsibility system. In future, for preventing
the genocides, it is necessary to recognize and strictly judge the genocidal crimes and criminal acts conducted in past. Herein, we call to recognize and judge the first genocide of 20th century fulfilled by Ottoman Empire against Armenian nation, which reached to it’s zenith in 1915.
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